Louise is a very talented young singer who started her fantastic singing career with Eternal, the very successful "all girl" group of the time. Lou stayed with Eternal for about 4 years until she was really unhappy and decided to call it a day, but luckily her record bosses decided to set off a solo career for Lou and look where it has got her now, she is one of the best female singers around at the moment with all of her singles have had success in the UK music charts. Lou has released 2 albums Naked and Woman In Me. Woman In Me was the theme for Lou's first ever UK solo tour on which she ran on a very heavy schedule taking only a few days off over the whole month and a bit tour. Lou's latest single, All That Matters has been released, and has not done so well so far, but, strange things happen.
Name - Louise Elizabeth Nurding
Nickname - Lou (though Smash Hits have come up with everything from Loobs to Nurdstress!)
Date Of Birth - 4 November 1974
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
Place Of Birth - Lewisham, South London
Height - 5'4
Dress Size - Size 10
Tattoos - None, " I had a chinese style band painted on my arm once but I'm not sure about a real one"
Colour Of Hair - Honey brown with blonde highlights
Colour Of Eyes - Blue - grey
Family - Mum Lynne and dad Tim, 2 younger brothers Samuel and Joseph: " They're lovely, I'm  really protective towards them" 
Early Ambition - To sing or be a Lawyer!!
Hobbies - Fencing, horse riding
Likes - Food, "especially Italian"
Dislikes - Ignorance
Motto - " Live each day like it's your last "
First Hit - " Stay " with Eternal, September 1993
First Solo Hit - " Light Of My Life ", September 1996
Pet - Dog, Hattie
Car  - Suzuki Cappuccino (" a sporty  convertible, good for posing - but not with my L-plates on!!")
Lou's Favourite Artist - Stevie Wonder
Lou's Favourite Film - The Full Monty
Lou's Favourite Actor - Ewan McGregor
Lou's Favourite Place - Home
Lou's Favourite Car - Mercedes
Lou's Favourite Food - Cereal / Italian
Lou's Favourite Drink - Sea Breeze !!!
Lou's Favourite Cereal - Corn Pops
Lou's Favourite Sweet - Everything
Lou's Favourite Clothes - Comfortable Ones 
Lou's Favourite Colour - Lilac And Blue 
Lou's Favourite Football Team - Liverpool !!!!  ( I Wonder Why )
Lou's Favourite Holiday Destination - Anywhere That's Hot
Lou's Favourite TV Programme - Absolutely Fabulous
Lou's Favourite Hobby - Shopping
Lou's Favourite Shop - Harvey Nichols
Lou's Favourite Animal / Pet - Her Dog Called Hattie